About Biura Na Krótko


Biura Na Krótko was created in response to the Client’s needs. Various companies are looking for small area offices that can be let on flexible terms, without the need of a few years agreement.

However significant amount of Warsaw’s office buildings only offer premises too large, with minimum of 3 years lease without an earlier break.

We decided to specialise in offices which:

  1. Offer the possibility to sign indefinite period or under 36 months lease agreement
  2. Offer small premises or rooms


Biura Na Krótko is a simple in use, user friendly and intuitive office finder. But it only allows you to find short-term offers without long-term commitment.

After entering the parameters (lease area, location, etc.) you are looking for, into the search-engine you will recieve all offers meeting your requirements.

Offers that you find most interesting can be placed in the cart with your favorite offers and you can print them or send them via e-mail.

All you need to do is contact the agent asigned to the offer.

We will show you the office, negotiate the lease agreement with the owner and secure the lease area.

Whole service is free of charge. Our clients don’t pay commision. It applies to every offer on our website.


As part of our service you have access to lease offers of office spaces :

– Offices for rent – indefinite period leases

– Offices for rent – short-term period

– Serviced offices

– Coworking Space

Offices for rent (indefinite period or short-term):

We see great interest among customers who seek for relatively small office, or just those that can be rented for short term, without binding with an agreement for several years.

This applies to space for exclusive rent, as an own office, but without the need to cover the cost of serviced office which due to the additional equipment and services is expensive, and expansion of the leased space is difficult.

Our offer of offices for a short-term lease, only contains those offers where we have confirmed the possibility of leasing office for indefinite or for a specified period shorter than 36 months.

We offer both, lease and sublease of space.

This way, on a single website, you have the possibility to search for offers that meet these narrow parameters without the need to verify whether the offer gives the possibility of short term lease.

Our offers are varied – both in terms of location area, as well as standard and rent. Each client will find something for themselves.
We have both spaces in buildings of the highest standard in the city center, as well as budget offices located on the outskirts.

Remember to contact us immediately –  small modules and short-term leases have proven to be very popular and are quickly disappearing from the market. 

Serviced offices:

This offer is addressed to clients who seek office fully equipped with infrastructure (xero, printer, kitchen, phone, Internet) and ready for work. In addition, serviced offices offer reception desk, correspondence managing, telephone calls and the possibility of renting conference rooms according to current needs.
Offices can be rented for a minimum time of one month. This solution is often used by firms as a temporary office before permanent office space for the company will be secured. Serviced offices give you the freedom of selecting or reducing the surface according to the company’s needs.

Co-working offices:

Co-working offices give the possibility of flexible usage of fully prepared office, by the hour or based on subscription.

Co-working (sharing space to work) is an individual desk within fully equipped open space area or large office, where companies or self-employed individuals work in the same space using the facilities of a professional office equipment, kitchen, internet and phone.

Co-working offices also provide space equipped with multimedia, training space designed for meetings. It’s great and cost – attractive alternative to renting an own office exclusively.


What are the key questions that should be asked before looking for suitable office space for headquarters? We will be happy to advise you and help with finding the best solution. But before doing so, it is best to define what are the key factors we care about the most and which we can give up.


It is one of the most important factors. It defines efficient functioning of the office, convenient transportation for both the employees and the clients. Easy access to multiple means of public transportation as well as accessible parking space in close vicinity of the building are important aspects to consider while choosing the location of the office. If a location is attractive for most of our clients and allows for more productive organization of meetings it is worth to take it under consideration. If our firm provides services for IT sector, it is reasonable to perform research about location of headquarters of the most companies form this sector. Location of our office in close proximity will provide shorter commuting time to the clients.


The offer on the office market is very attractive. Tenants can choose among many upscale buildings in excellent locations. However, this is reflected in the cost of the lease, such as rent, service charge fees, common areas and parking spaces. It is advisable to determine the preliminary budget which the company can spend on office rent. Our task is to match the offer to the requirements and financial capability of the customer and to negotiate the best conditions!

Terms of lease

Lease agreement determines attention to detail in order to ensure the comfort of work in the building. Our negotiators will secure the best terms of the contract for the client. This will help to avoid unwelcome surprises such as unfounded rent increase or excessive service charge fees and will ensure lease of office space for the period of time for which the contract was signed. We will provide technical inspection of the space and negotiate fit out conditions.

Office space standard

At the early stages of negotiations it is crucial to define all the basic elements of fit out and equipment for our office, as well as clear distribution of costs for the finishing works between tenant and landlord. The scope of works should be priced prior to the signing of lease agreement.

Is the office space suitable for further development of the company?

By leasing even a small office space it is good to think about the possibility of expanding the leased space. During the development of the firm, new needs occur such as need of conference or training room or just more space for new employees. It is worth to take these aspects under consideration at the stage of selection and search for office and verify the possibilities offered by the selected buildings.

Company image

How do we want our clients to perceive our company? Is the office on the top floor of a skyscraper going to scare potential customers away for fear of high prices of our services? Or maybe on the contrary – an office in an old building of a relatively low standard, which needs major renovation will be recognized by our customers as a sign that the company is in trouble?

The office is a showcase of our business. We should remember about it while looking for a suitable office space.

Choosing the right location, the building and the office space for the company is a multidimensional process. We realize that the clients do not need to know the answers to all these questions. That is why we invite you to contact our advisors. We will help dispel the doubts, answer your questions, and confront myths. We will take care of all the formalities. We will guide you through the entire process of selection and negotiation.